Good Vibes Events is a production company based out of Austin, TX that specializes in innovative Electronic Dance Music events.  We bring a fresh approach through our unique fusion of cutting edge music and mind-blowing installation art.  Our goal is to bring back the feeling and energy we remember from when we first started going to events, and to show our guests an old school vibe with new school amenities (we’re big into clean bathrooms).

Our members have been involved in the entire spectrum of  EDM events, from some of the most critically-acclaimed and largest shows Texas has ever seen, to legendary underground party spots like the NuLine Warehouse, Afterlife, KC Dance Studios, SOA, Pulse, Asylum, and countless one-offs and club shows.  We have 50+ years of combined experience in bringing quality nightlife options that are well off the beaten path, and will leave you amazed and recharged with new energy and a Good Vibe.

We also run a killer blog where you can find amazing EDM, event listings, exclusive Q&A’s, and more.  Our goal is to provide you with a constant supply of killer content.  Check around and let us know what you think.