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Thanks to Sara Cooper, we were able to get an interview with Holland house duo Sunnery and Ryan! Enjoy!   Good Vibes:  We’re here with Sunnery and Ryan! Who just got off stage here at Nocturnal 2K12. Y’all did really…Read more

Jason Jenkins getting the dance floor started at Kingdom for Claude Von Stroke! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

Eleven:Eleven on the Web Eleven:Eleven on Facebook Eleven:Eleven on Soundcloud Good Vibes: Andrew Morehouse (AM) Beat technician: Jake Childs (JC) Vocals: Sicca (S) AM: So we have Jake Childs and Sicca. Alright. So what made you decide to start this…Read more

  Check out the latest track from one of Austin’s premier purveyors of funk, Chris Cortinas.  Off Da Clock’s got Boogie News for you. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

I wrote this on Oct 6th, 2010, trying to help someone with a school project. -What do you know of rave genre history and its beginning in the U.S.? The electronic dance music phenomenon started with three friends from the…Read more